80lb paper

Coated papers are divided into matte, semi-matte or silk, and gloss.

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In the groundwood process, debarked logs are fed into grinders where they are pressed against rotating stones to be made into fibres. Dishwasher Safe Dolphin Blue's products are healthy for you and the planet. Linen Linen finished paper resembles linen cloth and is usually produced after the papermaking process as an offline embossing process.

Sheets are usually cut "long-grain", i.

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We ensure that this product was not tested on animals and did not involve the cruel or inhuman treatment of our furry or not so furry friends. This is a very popular stock for brochure printing, catalog Inserts, flyers, posters, etc.

Paper at this point is uncoated. There are three main classifications of recycled fibre:.

Drawing Paper - 80 lb.

The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. Producing paper Main articles: Text for the pages of a book, and cover for the cover. When card stock is labeled as cover stock it often has a coated finish on one side or both sides C1S or C2S, for "coated: It is also low in cost and performs well when printing on one side only.

The offline finishes are known as embossed finishes. A matte finish, as well as other types of coated paper, are good choices for print jobs in which high quality is required.

Gloss papers give the highest optical density in the printed image. Mechanical pulps have rather short fibres, thus producing weak paper.

Gloss A gloss finish produces a shiny and reflective surface on one or both sides of certain coated papers.

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Envelope Weight Are you confused about envelope choices. Most pulping operations using the kraft process are net contributors to the electricity grid or use the electricity to run an adjacent paper mill.

The most common comparable weights are primarily lighter weight papers and don't include cover weights.

This process melts the outer paper fibers which fill the voids in the rest of the paper. Xerox® Digital Color Elite Gloss® and Silk® The ultimate in high performance digital coated papers The ideal paper for color images and communications that create impact.

This paper has an exceptionally clean, bright white for greater contrast and sharper images. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" Weight: 80 lb. cardstock Color: Solar White One Ream/ individual sheets Please Note: For International Orders, due to the weight of these cardstock reams, we. Our standard memorial folder is "x" and scored to make the folding in half to ”x” douglasishere.com appealing memorial folders are printed on 80lb matte paper with only the front panel being used for the picture, allowing you to use the other three panels for your personalized printed information.

Definitions: Basis Weight The basis weight of a paper is the designated fixed weight of sheets, measured in pounds, in that paper's basic sheet size. Paper Weights Explained For many people, paper weights can be confusing. One of the most confusing aspects of paper weights is called the basis, substance (Sub.) or pound (#) specification.

In dealing with papers, these terms mean basically the same thing. Most likely you have heard the term "20lb Copy Paper".

Comments about Watercolor Paper, 11"x17", lb.: I have priced watercolor paper at many many places -- online as well as brick and mortar stores. This is the best value that I have found.

Sheets are large enough that they can be cut in half to extend the supply.

80lb paper
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